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GM's Customer Assistance is Making Sure I Never Buy Another GM Vehicle Ever Again (Rant)

Alright here’s the short version for a backstory on my truck

  • 2015 GMC Sierra, purchased in August of 2016 with 27k miles on it from a GM Dealer
  • To date the odometer is at 54k miles
  • April - transmission was clunking hard between shifts, dealer rebuilds it, everything but the gears, housing, and torque converter were replaced
  • August - brake pad corroded and fell apart
  • September - rear diff was rebuilt due to clunking
  • 2 weeks later rear diff was clunking horribly, to the point I had axle hop just backing into my driveway, I look underneath and see this:
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When they towed it away, the rear axle was completely locked up. Actually left tire marks on my driveway from dragging it on to the flat bed. Here’s what the tech found:

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They replace everything in the rear diff this time. I picked it up a week later and as soon as I hit 55 mph, axle whine, clear as day. Few weeks go by, clunking issues are back, axle whine gets worse. I take it to a different dealer for them to inspect. They looked at the history and said “if we find out it’s a quality of workmanship issue from the previous dealer, we can’t warranty it and you’ll have to pay for it out of pocket”. F THAT. So back to the original dealer. This time they replace the entire rear axle assembly. Picked up the truck 2 days ago.

Now I told you that part to tell you this part. Since the beginning of August I’ve been on the phone with “GM’s Customer Support”, starting with the corroded brake pad. As a powertrain engineer who works for a tier 1 supplier, with GM as one of my customers, if I had parts in the field that looked like this I would absolutely want to know about it so I could chew my suppliers out for defective anti corrosion coatings. Never mind the fact that it happened after the basic 36k warranty was up, it shouldn’t happen at all. Only thing GM told me was that they suggest I talk to the dealership about it, which is useless, because the dealer is just going to throw the parts in the trash, not send them back to GM’s warranty dept.


These phone calls happened about once or twice a week with GM, since my truck was also developing a clunking noise from the rear end around the same time. Fast forward to the 2nd rear diff replacement, when I posted videos of the diff leaking fluid on my driveway to GM’s facebook page along with history and a long rant, my case was moved up to “GM Executive Customer Assistance” (ECA rep for simplicity in my post). Every time I talked with them, my patience became less, and my anger increased. These people have the least amount of technical knowledge for how a vehicle works, let alone the parts that make up a vehicle. Before I could explain the issues to them that I was having with my rear diff, I had to explain to them what a rear diff was. I promise I am not making that up. It is painfully obvious that they are reading from a script when providing feedback to me.

I drive the truck, still have clunking issues, still have axle whine issues, both very frequent. I repeatedly ask the ECA rep that someone from engineering or quality at GM be informed of the constant problems with my truck because this is far from normal. I offered to give GM my truck for someone from engineering to drive for a week, a month, anything to get someone knowledgeable in the seat. Only thing I’m told by the ECA is “I can ask around but I’m not sure where to start”. Further frustration from my side. If I were to tell GM I don’t know the answer to their question about one of our products, they expect me to find the answer, or find the person who can answer their question


My questions were along the lines of “why did my rear diff fail twice in 2 weeks, what did your quality dept say about my brake pad that fell apart from corrosion, what was the feedback from the quality, engineering, depts if they want to drive my truck” and all they keep telling me is I have to speak with the dealer about the diff (dealer can tell you what failed, 99% of time cannot tell you WHY it failed, that’s the suppliers job, mine). For the brakes, they just say that brakes are a wear item and it’s going to depend on how the previous owner drove it as well. Apparently driving habits can make the backing plate of a brake pad be eaten away by corrosion?

Frustration from my side mounts. I start asking about buy back, refund, anything to get me out of this damn POS truck. After weeks of back and forth, I’m finally told the district service manager is willing to offer $1,000 towards a new GM vehicle. That was it. Nothing more. No special pricing, rebates, employee discounts. Every person I talk to who works for GM was dumbfounded and responded with “that’s ridiculous, they need to offer a lot more”.


4 months of being on the phone with GM customer assistance, and the only thing it has done is showed me they have absolutely zero care about vehicles in the field, zero interest in answering a customers technical questions or addressing concerns. They might as well have an auto response telling you “please speak to the dealer” because that’s all I was ever told.

Today I talked to the ECA rep again, to see if the district service manager was willing to increase the offer, she said nope, $1000 is it. Was also told I cannot speak to the district manager because they do not interact with customers. So the ECA is representing GM’s district manager, quality, engineering, warranty dept, because I am not allowed to talk to any of those people I’m told. The ECA is literally representing GM as an entire company, and extremely poorly at that. This was part of the conversation from today after being told $1000 offer was it:

Me: okay can you put that in an email and send it to me please
ECA: sorry we’re not allowed to put offers in writing
Me: so how would I even be able to get the $1000 towards a new vehicle
ECA: well that’s something you have to work out with the dealership
Me: so I go to the dealer, tell them the district service manager offered me $1000 towards a new vehicle? How can they confirm this?
ECA: well that’s something you have to work out with the dealership


I’ve given up. This was my first and last GM vehicle I ever plan to own.

And if anyone from GM happens to read this, my service reference number is 8-3395598154, the person I’ve been dealing with is Victoria, ext 5911184.

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